Sorry for no Posts

My dear readers,

I am sorry that there has not been any post in the last few days. I have been so busy with volunteering different places this week and today I just got a part time job working as a receptionist.  I plan to write more this weekend. I am sorry for those of you that have been checking my site.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I will be happy to see Saturday..

Have a great rest of your week. The weather down here in NC has finally started to warm up.

Thanks again for reading my blog. Praying for you all to have a healthy week


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4 Responses to “Sorry for no Posts”

  1. Kim Neely Says:

    I am wondering if you would mind writing a bit about your SB diagnosis? My daughter is L-4-5 functionally, and S-1 in sensation. I’m just curious why type of specific challenges you have. I hope I’m not prying too much. I worry a lot about her future bowel and bladder issues, as well as getting married, babies, those kinds of things.

    Any thoughts you’re comfortable blogging about would be very helpful.

    Thank you,

    • Marie Says:

      Thank you for the encouraging note. I will be posting more about how SB effects me. I am also at L-4-5. Will get some post done this weekend.

  2. Cassie Says:

    I just found your site, I look forward to learning more about you and your life. I have a 4 year old son with SB.

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