I wanted to maybe explain why I am so hyped on independence.

I have a feeling that most of my readers are young parents and I don’t want to discourage you that is not my intent for this blog.  I want to encourage you, I know that there are many levels of SB, I happen to be on the higher end of having Level L-4-5 also shunted. I feel as we grow up its up to the parents to help us become independent.  Some of us will not be able to do something that someone else might be able to do.  I have a friend who also has SB and for instance she is not able to do stuff that I am able to do. I feel that its all because of the way she was brought up. I was brought up to try everything and it might take me twice as long to do something but that is just away of life. Her parents would see her struggle and do it for her, so needless to say she is now living in a home for disabled people to have someone take care of her. Do I think if her parents had allowed her to try and do stuff her self could she live on her own? Oh yes.

I am struggling with things to write about because I just have lived with SB and never thought about it before, but when my boyfriend asked me to try blogging to help others I said I would give it a try.

I hope that what I am writing about is some what of a help to those out there. I want to reach you all where you are. I want to reach also extended family members even if you have other children that are older and need someone to talk to and ask question to I am here.

I may not get back to you during the week. I recently started a parttime job and that is taking all energy out of me during the week. I am going to work on blogging on the weekends.

If you are in the part of the states that is experiencing bad weather this weekend please stay safe.



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