Activities and Sports

You might be thinking Sports and Activities for my child? Are you crazy they have Spina Bifida they are so limited to what they can do? Well I am here to say that is not true..those of us that have spina bifida can have the same experiences as our able bodied friends and family members in regards to sports and activities. We just might need alittle extra help from different equipment and such.

As a teenager I had the opportunity to learn how to snow ski.  Your thinking ski my child can’t stand..well do I have a surprise for you …even if  you or your child are full time wheelchair users you can ski with something called a sitski. I was able to learn to ski with poles called outriggers..they are simliar to my fore arm crutches but they have little skis on the bottom of the crutch so I able to still stand like I do when I walk.

I also have been involved in a disabled rowing/sculling program for adults and children in the Philadelphia area called Philadelphia Rowing for the Disabled ..or PRPD for short.  This program was really alot of fun and great exercise.

Today I have started trying something new here as you can see I started to try and do some linking to the websites I am talking about.

I also have used for exercise and flexibility as an adult a video from Richard Simmons called Sit Tight.

I hope that this post will help you all see that yes we can do sports and other activities even though we do have a disability like Spina Bifida,

I am excited to see the vistors that I do have come. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about me personally. Like I have said in other posts I am an open book and just want to share my life with everyone and let you know that we might be disabled, but we won’t let that get in our way of living life.


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One Response to “Activities and Sports”

  1. Kim Neely Says:

    Very encouraging, Marie. 🙂

    I know you mentioned having a boyfriend. I don’t know where you are in your relationship, if you are considering marriage or not. Have you considered having children? I wonder what the Lord has in mind for my own Madison (though she’s only 1yo) and if she’ll have children some day. I sure hope it works out that way.

    You mentioned your parents are missionaries, didn’t you? Are you a believer too? (Christian)

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