Someone commented on here and wanted to know more about my boyfriend and our relationship that gave me an idea to talk about friendship and relationships.

To give a short background on my boyfriend and how we met. ..I will try and keep it brief..

We via the web on a site called Eharmony while I was living in Hungary. There was a free weekend  over the Thankgiving weekend back in 2006. I had seen it but was like I don’t think its for me, because I had been off and on the website for close to 6 years. But this guy contacted me and wanted to communicate so I was like what do I gotta lose? Nothing right? So I accepted his invite to communicate and we got through the 4 step process of communcating on the website by the end of the 4 day free offer. We started communcating via Email and Instant Messenger and did that exclusively until Christmas of 2008 when we had our first phone call.  During all this I had moved back to the states, transistioned to North Carolina to a new environment since I was from the north. That first phone call was the best thing in the world, to finally connect via voice and not just writing. We would talk on holidays and special occasions. We gradually increased it to a once a week call, after he came to visit me for the first time in October 2009 we spent the weekend together doing things around the area here in NC.  Ok I can see I can talk about to make along story short we have really hit it off and this past christmas we moved from being friends to boyfriend/girlfriend and we refer to what we have as relationship not just a friendship. We know that the Lord led us together and allowed us to communcate the way He did for a reason.  I believe that Thanksgiving weekend back in 2006 may have and did change my life forever.

As far as friendships go I never did really have any deep friendships growing up I tended to be very shy and reserved. I was not out spoke at all. I guess growing up dealing with adults most of my childhood because of being in the hospital I really did not  know how to deal with peers my own age. I have heard this from other parents also that their children tend to deal with adults better then they do their own peers. Honestly I can say that may have hurt me because like I said I don’t have to many friends that I can talk to on a deep boyfriend on the other hand we can have very deep conversations and I am very open with him. Girlfriends I have maybe one or two that I am able to do that with also.

Someone wanted to know if my boyfriend and I are considering marriage? Well not right now, we both need to get ourselves alittle more stable in the financial area of our lives. I just started working a part time job and he is a Internet Marketer that works from home so he is trying to get that job established. If any of you would like to see his work feel free to email me at and I would be glad to share that with you..anything to get him more traffic. Also if anyone is on facebook let me know. I am on there as Christine N. I think that is how you would find me?

Thanks to all who read this if you like what you read please leave me a comment and if there is anything else you want to know about our relationship let me know.


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2 Responses to “Friendships…Relationships”

  1. Jillian Says:

    I just wanted to let you know, you’re right about your audience I am a first time mother of a 20 month old, and I have been very recently able to start researching deeper into SB, she has mylo, one of the most severe cases the hospital had seen, and today she had her 9th surgery. I came across the link for your blog, and thought that I would LOVE to know what a woman with sb goes through, maybe get a glimpse of what to expect. After reading this blog I picked up my phone and called my daughters PT requesting information on classes she can start, to get her around other kids. I realize I’ve been avoiding this because seeing other children running around is painful, and I’m thinking that I’m protecting Madison from feeling different when really I’m just protecting myself from facing her condition, thank you for your blogs, and keep updating them, I’m curious as to your adolescent years!

    Thank you,

    • Marie Says:

      I am very excited that my writings have encouraged you to contact your daughters PT to request info. I know it must be difficult to want to protect Madison. But honestly your doing harm to her..protecting her..if you understand what I mean? I also was born with the most severe form of SB. My open spina was at L 4-5. I mentioned on my one post that I got my first part of braces at the age of 18 months. I to this day wear braces and crutches. I hope to hear from you again I will post more in the coming days on what it was like to live as a teen with SB.

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