My hope and dream is….

that someone that reads my blog will be encouraged by what you read here. Please tell all your friends and family about it. I am going to in the next day or so put a poll out there to see what you all would like to hear more about.


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One Response to “My hope and dream is….”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I came across your website off another “mommy blog” I follow. My son is 20 months and has sb. I talk a lot via the web with other moms who have children with sb but don’t often connect with adults. Reading stories of successful adults like yourself is so uplifting! I appreciate you sharing your stories. My hope is that I can take something from them that will help me teach my son to be all that he possibly can. Right now he is so young, and my husband and I are doing everything we can to get him all the help he needs. I worry a lot about when he gets older and how we will deal with things that may come our way. You have a very positive attitude and are very open and willing to share-I hope he has some of these same qualities as an adult!

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