I just need to get something off my chest tonight this has nothing to do with living with spina bifida or how I deal with it. I have had someone from a different SB website come over to my site and just say some rather nasty things to me. This person was so upset that I had no mentioned their website. They said that most of the Mommy’s on the websites want you to feel sorry for them cause they have a baby with SB. I honestly have not run into any of those types of  Mommies on my website. I believe that most of you all are very encouraging to your  child who has SB. I was feeling a bit discouraged tonight when I got his post. He was very demeaning to me. Said that I was not correct in the term of how I classify my SB. I said mine was on the higher end. Guess what I meant by that is that I am a high functioning L-4-5.

I am sorry for this rant email. I just don’t want people like that on my blog and people like that need to know that no all new parents are going to be doom and gloom about their child’s disability.The purpose of my blog here is to encourage others. Is there going to be hard times? Oh yes but we can’t dwell on them.
Thanks for listening.


2 Responses to “People”

  1. Kim Neely Says:

    I’m so sorry you were treated that way. What a jerk! The other moms I know are for the most part very encouraging, and don’t want to be pitied, or have their children pitied.

    But, the board I’m on is a place where people often vent fears and concerns. We have a lot of pregnancy moms too, that are scared, and just want to know that everything will be okay. Maybe not perfect (in our own perception) but okay.

    Hang in there, you ARE encouraging. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Keicher Says:

    Please don’t feel discouraged – it’s unfortunate that someone felt the need to be demeaning towards you and your courage to share your life. I agree with Kim, most of the moms I know do NOT want pity, they only want the chance to educate themselves, ask questions, gain knowledge, listen, share what they have learned, help and give their kiddos the best shot at everything life has to offer. We are PROUD of everything our kiddos have and will accomplish.

    Keep up your blogging and keep your head up!! We are here to support you.

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