Glad its Friday

I know my post lately have not been along the topic of living with SB. The last few days I have been dealing with a UTI. Something that I never had when I was smaller. But as an adult I have had several over the last several years. This one I have to say has been the worse one yet. I am coming to you Mom’s for some advice how can I avoid getting these ? Its been a tough two days. I missed two days of work because of this. I am now on an antibotic that we had around here and I am drinking lots and lots of liquid.

Hope none of you have to experience yourself or through your children. They are no fun. I normally have full bladder and bowel control but with this its been accident after accident. Meaning I gotta stay very close to the bathroom.

I am starting to feel some what better, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sad thing that has come out of this is that I am not able to travel and see my best friend and her little girls this weekend.,…sigh

Have a great weekend everyone


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2 Responses to “Glad its Friday”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    So sorry you are having to deal with this! My friend actually posted this the other day on a women’s forum in response to someone who wants to avoid UTI’s. Hope it helps. 🙂

    “My mom and I have successfully warded off UTI’s with D-Mannose powder [], lots of water, and cranberry juice (just straight cranberry juice) or fresh cranberries blended up with plain yogurt. However, you pretty much have to do all that stuff the MINUTE you think you might be getting a UTI or it doesn’t work. UTI’s just progress so quickly, and they are so miserable, that unless you have that stuff on hand and are in the beginning stages, you probably want to go to a doctor today.”

  2. Kim Says:

    YES! D-Mannose! We have been using it on our little boy and it works WONDERS!!!! We use it daily:) Better than prophylactic antibiotics for us!

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