Feeling much better

Wanted to just post a quick note to let all my readers know that I am feeling much better from the UTI. I finally feel pretty much back to normal..whatever that is.  I never felt so bad and now I am feeling great.

I wanted to ask you all a question. As you know my boyfriend is into Internet Marketing and he builds websites.  He is tossing some ideas around and one that he is tossing around right now is Easter Candy. He is concerned that people would not buy easter candy online. I told him that there are people out there that find it just easier to purchase online. What do you all think?

He and I thank you for input. you will find a couple of his website on my blog here on the right hand side. if you all are into planting he has a great tomato website, if you are into webhosting he has one there too, also Easter costumes, some very cute ones if I do say so myself,but I am a bit bias.

Just check them out ..he works really hard on this and we both want them to succeed.


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