Ideas? for topics

Hope everyone had  great week. Hope everyone has been able to stay well.  I am feeling much better this weekend then I did last weekend. Its been a rather busy week for me at work. I was not online here much just enough to talk to my boyfriend and check some of his websites out..reminder check out his new sites that I have posted on my blog..exciting news this week he had his first two sales..he was so excited.
Well today I have been trying to do some brain storming and come up with things that you all might be interested in reading about and one idea that I had was to do some research on family friendly places to visit that might be accessible, my thinking is that since warmer weather  and summer is coming that this might be a good idea to look into. Any other ideas or things you want to hear about let me know.

I guess I am running out of ideas because I just live with SB and don’t think about it much. One issue that I do struggle with is weight. I might look online and see what I can find to help us deal with that issue. I don’t want your kids to have to deal with it like I have in my adult life.

thanks again for reading my blog.


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One Response to “Ideas? for topics”

  1. Kim Neely Says:

    I’m wondering about bracing. Madison gets her first braces soon. She is pulling up to a stand on her own, but I know she won’t walk without the braces. You use arm crutches, you mentioned. Do you also have foot bracing, and has it always been the same, or has it evolved over the years?

    Did you use a walker as a small child?

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