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New Website

March 30, 2010

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you all are doing ok this week and everyone is healthy. I am doing well. Had a stressful weekend but its over and today is a new day and new week.

Health is great, no complaints in that area of my life.
Wanted to make you aware of a change I made on my site. As summer approaches I imagine some of you will be thinking of going to a park for picnics..right? or to the playgrounds with the kids to swing or play on the playground equipment. Why not take a picnic lunch with you? check out my boyfriends newest website on wicker picnic baskets..there are some really cool ones there, so please check it out. Also make sure you check out his tomato plant and seed websites also. As it its time to start thinking of gardening and planting. Your kids could have fun starting plants from seed or plants in a small pot garden, very accessible to someone in a wheelchair so they would not have to get on the ground.

I am thinking of starting on myself. Well there is my plug for the day for his websites..check them out and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Have a great day.


Relationships and Independence

March 14, 2010

From what the poll is telling me that I put out there the biggest topics that you all want to see me write about are relationships and independence. I am excited to see where this is going to go because relationships could go several different ways,  I could talk about what its like to have my first boyfriend at the age of 39. Or I could talk about my female friends and how they stick by me during difficult times in my life.  Also the independence thing is going to be interesting because I don’t feel that I am as independent as I should be at the age of 39, but when people say you still live at home..I am like yeah I do. I am very content living at home my parents and I get along really well they give me my space when I need it. We like being together as a family but we also like our alone times. I consider having my car my independence. They also love my boyfriend and are very happy for the two of us.  I also would like to find out if you all would like for me to go in the direction of what its like to travel as a disabled person? I am in the process of saving my money to take some online classes to be a home based travel agent. I have worked in the travel industry before moving overseas and I wanted to get back into it when we moved back here but job opportunities were just not there, so I decided to go the route of building my clientele and starting my own small business. My boyfriend as I have mentioned before is into Internet Marketing, make sure you check out his websites they are on the side of my blog. He really is excited about his work and very passionate about it.

I know I started this post about relationship and independence..and it just went into several directions sorry about that..sometimes that is how my brain works..major spaghetting..for those of you that know the book Men are like Waffles and Woman are like Spaghetti..great book.

Hope you all have a great week. Let me know how you are all doing this week.

Home and Garden Show

March 13, 2010

Today I am going with my parents to a home and garden show in Hickory NC. This is something that we found last year after moving to NC, we really enjoyed it last year. Gives great ideas how to fix up the yard.  Even may get some ideas how to make a flower/garden area accessible.

One thing that they have there also are dogs that are up for adoption. The highlight of my time there. One thing that my family has been discussing is looking into getting a companion dog for  me. Something that I never thought in a million years I would hear my mom talk about. Since she is scared to death of dogs, especially big ones.  I was watching the other night on tv Animal Planet and they had a breed that was a mix of a poodle and Lab=labadoodle.  He was really cute and the right size for a companion dog.

Ok I don’t know why I got on the dog tangent sorry. Another reason I like to go to the garden show is that its a good place to get some exercise, yes there are lots of people and people that are not used to seeing a disabled person out and about so there is lots of staring..something that bugs me to know end..ok don’t get me started on that today, anyway I like being able to get some walking in and also some rolling, since I won’t last walking all day I will end up using my wheelchair.

Ok everyone have a great weekend and get out there and do something fun and active.


March 6, 2010

Spring Like Weather

March 6, 2010

As spring and finally summer approaching I bet alot of you with school age children are starting to think about vacation time. I know I would be if I had school age children but since I don’t I want to help you think though some vacation ideas.

Something I love to do is just get out and go to a local park and walk around the walking track, no one says you have to be a fast walker around these tracks. Why not get you and your child out there since most of the tracks are blacktopped your child could easily walk or even roll around.  Plus you would get some exercise too. Plus all the fresh air. Plus I bet there are some playgrounds that the kids could play on, swing maybe? I love getting to the walking tracks in the spring when its not to hot to just stroll around.

Some of you may live near national or state parks. These are also great places to take the kids to see nature and just spend sometime outdoors. I know that we all have seen enough winter weather that we are tired of being couped up.  I know I am tired of being couped up in the house. If anyone has any specific things that they do as a family that is accessible for either a person who walks or is in chair please feel free to share with all of us.

Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday nice weather. Atleast in NC its almost 60 degrees.  I have been out and about all morning, getting the car washed then coming home and cleaning it out..hey there is another thing your child could help with, cleaning out the car..I have millions of ideas to get kids to help around the house inside and out. Just getting kids active is a great motivation to stay fit.


March 5, 2010

The post that has taken me a long time to formulate how I was going to post. I have put in the corner here as you can see a picture of what my braces look like.  I wear what they call a KAFO.

I started at the age of 18 month wearing braces to the hip, HKAFO’s  but gradually was able to move to just the KAFO as I became stronger in my hip area.

I honestly don’t remember much about learning to walk at a young age. I have been told that I was taken to PT 4 days a week. I had a great opportunity as a young child to attend Easter Seals for Preschool and they worked on helping me walk. I used the traditional under the arm crutches til the age of 11. I learned at that age to walk with forearm crutches and walk with them to this day..i know this was not a post about crutches sorry.

This post is going to be a bit short because I am not sure what  to write about walking? I guess its cause I don’t know any different, meaning walking with the braces vs walking without them.
I am not going to lie and tell you that teaching your child to walk is going to be easy cause its not. I imagine there will be “battles’ to not want to wear the braces especially in the summer time because honestly they can be hot. But I would encourage you if your child is young to put the braces on them in the beginning a few hours a day. I wear mine now from the time I get up at 7am til I go to bed at 11pm.  Again I don’t ever remember the braces bothering me they are just a part of who I am, they allow me and your child to be as independent as we can be.
As you can tell I am big on independence. Just the way I was raised I guess. I want to close with a video that I found on YouTube of someone walking with braces and crutches..Enjoy and let it be an encouragement to you. Well I could not find anyone walking with crutches so i had to settle for a walker.  I guess now a days they must start kids on walkers..back when I learned to walk in the early 70’s it was like I said the under arm crutches..oh well..its still encouraging to me to see kids up right now matter how..crutches or walkers.

new website

March 1, 2010

this website is something totally different from my SB website. I started this one when I moved back to the US. I wanted to continue with this because there are always observations and new things happening in my life that do not have any thing to do with SB.

I have not forgotten the request from one of my friends here to talk about my braces and experiences with wearing them. look for that in the next few days. It sounds like I may be snowed in tomorrow so that might be a good thing to what do you think?