Relationships and Independence

From what the poll is telling me that I put out there the biggest topics that you all want to see me write about are relationships and independence. I am excited to see where this is going to go because relationships could go several different ways,  I could talk about what its like to have my first boyfriend at the age of 39. Or I could talk about my female friends and how they stick by me during difficult times in my life.  Also the independence thing is going to be interesting because I don’t feel that I am as independent as I should be at the age of 39, but when people say you still live at home..I am like yeah I do. I am very content living at home my parents and I get along really well they give me my space when I need it. We like being together as a family but we also like our alone times. I consider having my car my independence. They also love my boyfriend and are very happy for the two of us.  I also would like to find out if you all would like for me to go in the direction of what its like to travel as a disabled person? I am in the process of saving my money to take some online classes to be a home based travel agent. I have worked in the travel industry before moving overseas and I wanted to get back into it when we moved back here but job opportunities were just not there, so I decided to go the route of building my clientele and starting my own small business. My boyfriend as I have mentioned before is into Internet Marketing, make sure you check out his websites they are on the side of my blog. He really is excited about his work and very passionate about it.

I know I started this post about relationship and independence..and it just went into several directions sorry about that..sometimes that is how my brain works..major spaghetting..for those of you that know the book Men are like Waffles and Woman are like Spaghetti..great book.

Hope you all have a great week. Let me know how you are all doing this week.


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