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Update ,Memorial Day weekend, Boyfriends visit

June 16, 2010

A few of you have written me and wondered where I have been? I am doing well..Life has just really been busy for me. For starters my boyfriend Kevin and his Mom came down over Memorial Day weekend to visit. We had a blast just hanging out Kevin and I got to spend Memorial Day together as a couple, going to the mall walking around there just enjoying each others company, we sat down a couple of times for me to rest, he is so mindful of making sure I don’t wear myself out. We sat in the food court of the mall for awhile having something cold to drink. Despite the raining weather that day we had a great time, we also went to a book store (books a million) to walk around and browse the books, it turns out that we both like the same subjects in books so that was fun, he read some and I read some to each other. We then headed back to my house with a stop at Chic-fil-a for a “snack” we shared a 8 piece chicken nugget meal. That was a great way to end our day as he said.

On Tuesday His mom, my mom and us went to a town called Bevard NC. We went to a state park called Cesar’s Head. Was a nice drive up there, when we arrived the overlook that I was hoping would be clear was completely fogged in. I was so disappointed that he did not get to see how pretty the overlook was, but we still enjoyed our time there. Due to his Mom’s inability to walk much we were limited to what we could do, but we did not let that stop us. We also visited the Vistor Center there and picked out fridge magnets to remind us of our time together there.  We then drove back to where they were staying and dropped them off for a couple hours. I went back with supper from Subway…I just relized that I may be boring some of you to death with all the details of that weekend..sorry. We had a nice visit that evening, Kevin and I walked around the campus where they were staying and met up with some students that were there, we stood around and talked a bit. Then Kevin and I walked back to where he was staying. We sat outside and watched the sunset…how romantic..huh? Then the bugs started to bite so we had to move inside, by that time it was gettting late so I decided since they were leaving in the morning that I would head home and let him get  a good night rest for his trip back to MD.
As much as I did not want to see them go back home, we both struggled with him leaving. I do have some great news though since he was down here we are planning a trip for me to visit him up north over my birthday in August..if I was counting I think there is close to just 10 weeks til I get to see him again..LOL