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Summer where did you go?

September 12, 2010


I just noticed that I have not posted here all sorry everyone..or anyone who is still interested in reading my random thoughts.  This summer has been  a very interesting summer, first it started off with my boyfriend and his mom coming to NC to visit me again over Memorial Day weekend. Blogged about that back in May. Then about two weeks or so later I got to see him again unexpectingly for a day, because my family had to travel to MD for a funeral of a family member, so it was really nice to see him again so soon. We knew when he was down here in May that we would see each other in August for my birthday so the visit for the day was a nice added bonus. 

With all this going on I am also working on my Independent Travel Contractor classes, really liking what I am doing and learning. Very challenging but its going to be fun to help people put trips together.

Skip to August. Only cause that is what I like to talk about..LOL nothing else actually happen that is exciting. Got to see my boyfriend again for my birthday had an awesome visit. Spend the day with him and my parents (actual birthday) went to a mall close to his home and then out to lunch. On Saturday he took me to a park that has a accessible trail and we got to walk/roll along there for a couple hours just the two of us it was so nice to just be together, then he had a very special picnic lunch packed and we headed to a park close to his home and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon there at the park the weather was just wonderful, clear blue sky, light breeze blowing, not to hot.  He packed chicken salad sandwiches, cukes from his garden and maters from the garden, also brought along some water melon. Have to say that the cukes were some of the best I have had in a long time.

After we were done at the park we went back to his house and had supper with his Mom,brother and his son. We had fresh off the stalk corn on the cob..oh man was that good.  His mom made a special casserole that she makes called Kuta Casserole it was made with yellow about good, its my favorite dish now. the Squash also came from his garden. We also fried up some squash and had that so we had what the called a “Garden dinner”. I could eat that all the time.

After supper we sat around and watched some TV and just visited with his mom, his brother took his son fishing for the evening. I was a nice and relaxing evening. It was really tough to leave because we are not sure when we will see one another again, might be awhile because we both are so busy with different things in our lives, he is working on getting an online business up and running and I am working on the travel stuff.

Well that is pretty much what has been going on in my life the last few months. No health issues to speak of ..thank goodness its all good in that area of my life.

I recently joined a gym and have found some exercises that I can do and weights that I can lift. For any adult with SB that reads this there is a machine out there called Nu Step. If you have some use of your legs you can use this machine because you also use your arms and its really good exercise for cardio. I have been using it for 4 days and feel awesome. I think I found something new to keep me busy..going to the gym for an hour a day. I am also going to get into the pool they have there.

Have a great week everyone and I won’t take a break blogging like I did this summer I will update more often. as long as people are still reading.