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March 5, 2010

The post that has taken me a long time to formulate how I was going to post. I have put in the corner here as you can see a picture of what my braces look like.  I wear what they call a KAFO.

I started at the age of 18 month wearing braces to the hip, HKAFO’s  but gradually was able to move to just the KAFO as I became stronger in my hip area.

I honestly don’t remember much about learning to walk at a young age. I have been told that I was taken to PT 4 days a week. I had a great opportunity as a young child to attend Easter Seals for Preschool and they worked on helping me walk. I used the traditional under the arm crutches til the age of 11. I learned at that age to walk with forearm crutches and walk with them to this day..i know this was not a post about crutches sorry.

This post is going to be a bit short because I am not sure what  to write about walking? I guess its cause I don’t know any different, meaning walking with the braces vs walking without them.
I am not going to lie and tell you that teaching your child to walk is going to be easy cause its not. I imagine there will be “battles’ to not want to wear the braces especially in the summer time because honestly they can be hot. But I would encourage you if your child is young to put the braces on them in the beginning a few hours a day. I wear mine now from the time I get up at 7am til I go to bed at 11pm.  Again I don’t ever remember the braces bothering me they are just a part of who I am, they allow me and your child to be as independent as we can be.
As you can tell I am big on independence. Just the way I was raised I guess. I want to close with a video that I found on YouTube of someone walking with braces and crutches..Enjoy and let it be an encouragement to you. Well I could not find anyone walking with crutches so i had to settle for a walker.  I guess now a days they must start kids on walkers..back when I learned to walk in the early 70’s it was like I said the under arm crutches..oh well..its still encouraging to me to see kids up right now matter how..crutches or walkers.


Where have I been?

January 26, 2010

Dear Readers

I am so sorry that I have been away from blogging/writing this last week. There really is no excuse.  I have started a part time job as a receptionist and that has pretty much taken most of my free time.  I am going to try and do much better at getting on here and atleast answering your questions in short little blogs.

Someone asked me about my braces? I use what they call KAFO’s.  I never knew the actual term until I was a bit older I just knew that they came up to my thighs. I used to use when I was little HKAFO’s. But since I have hip action as they called it, I am able to use the KAFO’s.

Please keep the questions coming and I will like I said answer them in shorter blogs and try and do that every other day if not daily.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I love being able to help those of you that have little ones just starting out.

Oh and if they start to pull up on things..yes that means they want to get up right and you need to check into bracing if they need it.  Yes braces are cumbersome but its a great way for your child to be independent,  yes they may be uncomfortable in the beginning but if you work with your child little by little they will be able to wear them all day. I put mine on at 730 am and I am not out of them til 11pm at night when i got to bed. Great way to be independent if your child is able to walk. I know there will be cases were kids can’t walk and the wheelchair is the only way to help them be independent and that is ok too. Just making sure you child can be as independent as possible is the key.