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Spring Like Weather

March 6, 2010

As spring and finally summer approaching I bet alot of you with school age children are starting to think about vacation time. I know I would be if I had school age children but since I don’t I want to help you think though some vacation ideas.

Something I love to do is just get out and go to a local park and walk around the walking track, no one says you have to be a fast walker around these tracks. Why not get you and your child out there since most of the tracks are blacktopped your child could easily walk or even roll around.  Plus you would get some exercise too. Plus all the fresh air. Plus I bet there are some playgrounds that the kids could play on, swing maybe? I love getting to the walking tracks in the spring when its not to hot to just stroll around.

Some of you may live near national or state parks. These are also great places to take the kids to see nature and just spend sometime outdoors. I know that we all have seen enough winter weather that we are tired of being couped up.  I know I am tired of being couped up in the house. If anyone has any specific things that they do as a family that is accessible for either a person who walks or is in chair please feel free to share with all of us.

Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday nice weather. Atleast in NC its almost 60 degrees.  I have been out and about all morning, getting the car washed then coming home and cleaning it out..hey there is another thing your child could help with, cleaning out the car..I have millions of ideas to get kids to help around the house inside and out. Just getting kids active is a great motivation to stay fit.