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What a week….

February 17, 2010

And its only Thursday tomorrow..this has been a rough week for me emotionally. My boyfriend has been so supportive. With this person on the other blog being “mean” to me. Then this new job that I got a few weeks ago, I am now having more responsibilties piled on me. I love the people I work with. The one boss is very demanding and just not a people person.  There is part of this job that apparently no one know how to do, there has been so many people in this job that things just never were passed along correctly. I hope what I am saying is making sense. Or I may just be writing for my self tonight, as my boyfriend says its therapy to write and honestly it is makes me feel better.
I am not sure if any of my followers are Christians who pray. But I would ask that you pray for me during this time of transistion of learning the new job. I am not a quitter but right now I feel like it. Things are just so tough.