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Home and Garden Show

March 13, 2010

Today I am going with my parents to a home and garden show in Hickory NC. This is something that we found last year after moving to NC, we really enjoyed it last year. Gives great ideas how to fix up the yard.  Even may get some ideas how to make a flower/garden area accessible.

One thing that they have there also are dogs that are up for adoption. The highlight of my time there. One thing that my family has been discussing is looking into getting a companion dog for  me. Something that I never thought in a million years I would hear my mom talk about. Since she is scared to death of dogs, especially big ones.  I was watching the other night on tv Animal Planet and they had a breed that was a mix of a poodle and Lab=labadoodle.  He was really cute and the right size for a companion dog.

Ok I don’t know why I got on the dog tangent sorry. Another reason I like to go to the garden show is that its a good place to get some exercise, yes there are lots of people and people that are not used to seeing a disabled person out and about so there is lots of staring..something that bugs me to know end..ok don’t get me started on that today, anyway I like being able to get some walking in and also some rolling, since I won’t last walking all day I will end up using my wheelchair.

Ok everyone have a great weekend and get out there and do something fun and active.